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Reese Quantrill '19
Global Bronco Lead
Port Hope, ON, Canada
Major: Management
Minors: Sustainability and Communications
Involved in: Student Assistant in Admissions, Event Planning Student Assistant, Camp Kesem Development Coordinator
"I love SCU because I have been afforded opportunities I couldn't find anywhere else, thanks to the small community of students and staff who genuinely care about you."
Karissa Kaypaghian '21
Boise, ID/Shanghai, China
Major: Undeclared Business
Involved in: Kappa Alpha Theta
"I really love the strong community Santa Clara fosters. The students and professors genuinely care about you as a person and want to see you grow on a personal and academic level. I've noticed that they will almost always go out of their way to learn more about you and your goals, dreams, and experiences."
Tiger Zhang '21
Beijing, China
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Involved in: Basketball, internship program at Transamerica INC, personal project research
"The residence leaning center is the place that I love the most at SCU. My RLC is Graham, in Graham my caring roommate and suitemates, embracing community and acceptance from others forever changed my college experience. Graham brings people closer as it overcomes the physical border, the cultural barrier, and the spiritual border through communication."
Kathryn Wilson '21
Major: Psychology & Economics
Involved in: Asian Pacific Student Union , Student assistant at Archive Center
"I love how inclusive everyone is here! Every person at SCU, students and faculty, are all eager to help new students out, which I really appreciated."
Diya Budapanahalli '21
Bangalore, India
Major: Finance
Minor: Economics
Involved in: Intandesh & AKPsi
"I love how everyone is very motivated and we have the same educational values at SCU. At my high school there were a majority of people who worked very hard and some who didn't put in much effort but at SCU everyone wants to do well which motivates me in a certain way."
Jack Liu '21
Hong Kong
Major: Undeclared Business
Involved in: Korean Student Association, Hua Xia Student Society, Intramural Basketball.
"I like the community as a whole. The support given here at this community is extraordinary, and the student here is able to do what they are passionate about."
Wing Liang '21
Zhongshan, China
Major: Computer Science
Involved in: ACM-W Club, CSA Club
"The first day I moved in to dorm, I was lost. I saw a man walking through, I asked if he knows where Graham hall is. Even he didn't really know the location, he helped me look at the map and carry my luggage for me, and walked with me to the dorm. I finally got to know he is a professor who works at SCU for more than 30 years. I was surprised. I think that everyone in SCU is nice and friendly."
Florence Su '21
Taipei, Taiwan
Major: Neuroscience
Involved in: Barkada and Dance Coalition Club
"The small campus here allows you to notice the warmth and supportive community Santa Clara has. Everyone here is super welcoming, so no matter where you are you'll always be able to spot a kind and familiar face."
Yuho Tanaka '21
Tokyo, Japan
Major: Business & Psychology
Involved in: community outreach board member for Japanese Student Association, part of the Alumni Student Council, and part of an Acapella club called Audiosync!
"I love SCU because we are a tight knit community and everyone genuinely cares and supports each other."
Shreya Venkatesh '21
Mumbai, India
Major: Computer Science & Engineering
Minor: Technical Innovation, Design Thinking, & Entrepreneurial Mindset
Involved in: Frugal Innovation Hub, independent study, Makers Club
"I love the vibrant atmosphere and how everyone stays pumped at all times."
Sophia Lapus '21
Manila, Philippines
Major: Marketing
Minor: Sociology
Involved in: Delta Sigma Pi (Professional Business Fraternity), Student Ambassador, and Barkada
"Everyone here really wants you to succeed and you have all the resources you need to be the best version of yourself. People here are very friendly and as the school is small, you will always see familiar faces on your way to class. There is truly something for everyone here and you can find your second home pretty quickly!"
Anton Lorenzo '21
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Minor: Computer Engineering
Involved in: Rugby, ROTC, Tutors @ Home, Engineers Without Borders, Barkada
"I think the part I love the most about SCU is the atmosphere that the people give the campus. Every campus has buildings, classes, and dorms, but the people that live and study here are what make it special. I love how everyone I've met has genuinely tried to help push me as well as themselves to strive to achieve their best."
Natasha Matis '21
Major: Communications
Minor: International Business
Involved in: SCAAP and APSU
"I love SCU because you can walk anywhere on campus and say hi to atleast 5 familiar faces. It’s a tight knit community so it feels really nice when you can recognize people and see your friends everywhere."
Sofia Sandoval '21
Quito, Ecuador
Major: Psychology
Involved in: MEChA-El Frente
"The Poke station at Benson."
Ahuti Goyal '20
New Delhi, India
Major: Psychology
Minor: Urban Education
Involved in: Research assistant for the CIEL Lab
"Being an international student is hard especially because I’m far away from home, family and friends. For me, living and studying in SCU becomes easier as it’s so diverse. There are people coming to SCU from all over and it’s absolutely amazing to engage and learn new things. I love our diverse campus and hope it continues to be this way."
Cecilia Fan '20
Beijing, China
Major: Finance & Economics
Minor: Retail Studies
Involved in: Mechanical Engineering Student Assistant, ADPi, Women in Business
"I love SCU's library; it is basically my second home! Although you do not see many books on the shelves inside the library, there are tons of books at the back of the storage and ready for students to order online. The environment is pretty chill too that each layer is divided based on noise level. I have definitely benefited a lot from the library."
Betty Zou  '20
Wuhan, China
Major: Arts & Sciences Economics
Involved in: Alpha Delta Pi
"I love the location of SCU because there’re a lot of restaurants and shopping malls nearby."
Uma Ramesh '20
Mumbai, India
Major: Psychology
Minor: Anthropology
Involved in: SCCAP and Odyssey
"I love the academic flexibility. The opportunity to learn beyond your major through the core curriculum is amazing because it broadens your mind and enables you to think more creatively."
Andrea Tai '20
Taipei, Taiwan
Major: Economics
Minor: Management Information Systems
Involved in: Manager of Women’s Basketball, Student Assistant of Mechanical Engineering, Board Member of OMIS Student Network Board, Event Staff of SCU Athletics, Social Media Manager of Spoon University
"When I first visited Santa Clara my parents and I were completely lost, a faculty approached us and asked us what we were looking for and guided us to Admissions. The people here are the best people that I could ever meet."
Andrew Bake '20
London, England
Majors: Environmental Studies & Economics
Involved in: Div 1 Men's Rowing
"I love coming back after breaks at SCU, landing at San Jose and seeing Swig sticking up out of the ground visible from miles away. The light flashing at the top is always a signal to me that I'm home."
Hassan Said '19
Cairo, Egypt
Major: Political Science
Minor: German
Involved in: SCU Golf Team
"I love the combination of weather, people and location that makes SCU what it is today. Combined with its faculty's love for teaching and education, SCU becomes one of the most sought after places in the Silicon Valley."
Cathy Liu '21
Major: Undeclared Business
Involved in: Student Employee at University Finance Office
"I love the small class sizes at SCU. Due to the small class size, professors can pay attention to every individual in their classes, and they are always willing to help all their students."
Zack Zhuang '19
Shenzhen, China
Majors: Computer Science & Finance
Involved in: HuaXia Student Association, Student Assistant in International Admission
"I love that everyone on campus is nice to each other, the beautiful campus, and nice professors."
JJ Burwell '20
Major: Sociology
Minor: Music and International Business
Involved in: MCC, Unity RLC, Music Ensembles
Jennifer Che '21
Major & Minors: Accounting & Information Systems major and International Business minor
Club Activity & Involvement: ACE Leadership Program, Microfinance Club, Accounting Department Student Assistant, SPIRE ambassador program manager
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Pictures by Andrea Tai