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Living with a Roommate

August 15, 2017

       Going to a college in a different country is definitely a challenge for everyone. But it also means you can start a new step in your life with new people. Living with a roommate is one of the many new experiences I have had at SCU.


       I luckily got into a suite in Sobrato and I was able to talk to my suite mates over the summer, while I was still in China. My suitemates and I had a Facebook group where we could get to know one another and plan for move-in day! Four of them are currently sophomores. Lili, my roommate, and I are first-years. Living in a suite is much more fun than living alone in a single room, but it also means you have more responsibilities, such as cleaning the living room, taking out the trash and planning suite activities. Sometimes, we have a movie night on Friday nights. The first suggestion I would give to all new students is to plan a cleaning schedule at the start of each quarter. No one likes to live in a dirty suite, right?


       Since this suite is our temporary home, it is nice to add some decorations. Two of my suitemates are crazy fans of Harry Potter. So, in our living room, we have a decoration from one of movie scenes in Harry Potter.


       There are absolutely so many benefits when you have a roommate. Since my roommate and I are freshmen, both of us need to take CTW class and we usually go to the class together and sometimes work on homework questions as well. Also, our suite sometimes go to Sharetea together and get our favorite boba drink. It is nice to hang out with my suitemates and I can always find someone to talk to in my suite. Before I go to college, I thought living with a roommate was just living with someone for a year, but now I realize roommates can also become good lifelong friends! Living with other people can help you to understand how to get along with people in daily life and how to be a thoughtful person.


       However, I also have some friends who live in a double rooms and don’t get along with their roommate. They are always complaining about their conflicts with roommates. For example, one of my friends usually stays up late, while her roommate likes to go to sleep before midnight; this causes a lot of arguments between the two of them. I would suggest, the first day you move in, you should talk about your living habits and make an agreement before any conflicts occur. Sometimes unhappy confrontation cannot be avoided, but just make sure two of you are willing to sacrifice for each other and always be thoughtful of each other’s needs! It is important that you ask your roommate in advance before altering the room in anyway or inviting people over. Mutual respect is important between roommates and will nurture a more welcoming and enjoyable living space.


       For example, my roommate sometimes stays up late and she would go to the living room and talk on her phone if I am already sleeping. I have morning classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays while she does not, so I will try to make as little noise as possible in the mornings.. Just keep this in mind: always treat your roommate the way you want to be treated.


      I hope this gives you some ideas about living with roommates!



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