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College is but a Canvas to our Imagination

May 23, 2017

"WOW look at that fancy building! What is that?"

I hear this question every time I introduce SCU to my off-campus friends. This building is our newly built Edward M. Dowd Art and Art History Building. This is where all talented artists at SCU gather and express their passions and love of art. Since last fall, the grand opening of the Art and Art History Department, the building has improved both the atmosphere and art equipment for lessons. Needless to say, this is loved by all art major and minor students, myself included.  


Walking into this building is like entering a wonderland. Each floor has study areas and cafe tables for students to gather to either work on a group project or just sit alone to enjoy a book, the sunshine, and a cup of tea. Each classroom is setup for a different type of art. For example, there is a painting room for both oil and acrylic painting, a drawing and design room for people are interested in modern art, a sculpture room for students who want to get their hands dirty, a construction room for artists who would never say no to challenge, a digital computer lab for web designers with creative ideas, and a darkroom for those who like to turn their work from moment to eternal. What’s even better is, in the new building, we have semi-galleries in the hallway where people can display their work and host a critique or viewing. The art gallery on the first floor is where the campus invites artists or professor to present their master pieces for students to be observed and learned from.


When I first joined the Bronco family, I never thought I would choose art and even declare it as my second minor. However, after meeting my fellow art classmates in my basic drawing art class, I had experienced the most exciting and interesting lesson ever. The best part about the art department is you don’t need to know anything technical to take the class because professors and teacher assistants are always eager to help you out. Often, you will be able to exchange your ideas with your peers and get valuable feedback. Sometime, you might even have the opportunity to work with your classmate and create amazing art pieces.


To me college life is like a blank canvas, waiting for us to paint it with all different colors. Add a bit of green, walking on the breathtaking campus of SCU. Add a bit of yellow, enjoying the beautiful sunshine in Santa Clara. Add a bit of blue, having some fun at the beach near by. Add a bit of red, getting ready to call SCU your future home and becoming part of the Bronco Family! You can paint whatever you like, it’s completely up to you!





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