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Things to do off-campus

January 30, 2018

     Located in one of the nicest areas in the United States, there is definitely a variety of activities to do and places to visit once you enroll in SCU and become a Bronco.

     If you are passionate about sports like I am, then you must to attend the different sporting events that are hosted around the Bay Area with your friends. The closest sporting event to our campus is the San Jose Sharks’ hockey games, which are played at the SAP Center, just 10 minutes from campus. Even though I personally haven’t been to a Sharks’ game in the SAP Center, I have heard a lot of great things about the games from different people. The atmosphere in the SAP Center is absolutely astonishing and astounding. The fans would stand up, raise their voices, and cheer for the Sharks’ players in the loudest possible way to give them moral support. If you have spare time off your academic work, SAP Center is for sure one of the places you should check out off campus.


     Moreover, I’m sure a lot of you are into different genres of movies or theatrical art performances. If that is the case, then you’d make the right choice by coming to SCU. As a SCU student, you will get the chance to sit in some of the largest theaters in the United States and watch some of the blockbusters on large screens. Being an international student coming from Beijing, I was completely shocked to see some of the recently-released Chinese movies playing in ‘AMC Cupertino Square 16’, the theater is not far away from our school. Watching a movie that comes from my home country, with dialogues speaking in my mother tongue gives me a sense of belonging and a sense of home, and I’m sure this won’t happen in any other American states or cities besides the Bay Area or the Silicon Valley.

     Speaking of popular destinations, the beaches at Santa Cruz or the city vibes of San Francisco are two very worthy places that incoming freshman should visit during holidays or long weekends. Stepping on the sand, observing the waves, feeling the breeze, the different beaches in Santa Cruz will brighten up your mood and give yourself a quick escape from all the stress university can bring. A road trip to Santa Cruz is a very good way to spend your weekends. On the other hand, the city of San Francisco will give you a very different feeling to the suburban setting of Santa Clara. The great food, different styles of entertainments, and the alluring sights will give students a chance to look at the world from a different angle or prospective. It will for sure widen your knowledge and your world as you dwell yourselves into the captivating sights of the city. A day trip to San Francisco is always a good option for students during holidays or long weekends.

     I sincerely hope that those of you who are reading this blog will join us for the upcoming academic year, and I hope every one of you will do well in either AP, IB, A-Level or other exams that you are taking in this current academic year. Carpe diem, seize the day!


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