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Acing Class Registration

July 10, 2018

As a student, we register for our next quarter classes at the end of the current quarter.


There are many resources for you in terms of finding out what classes you need to take in order to fulfill the undergraduate core curriculum and your major/minor courses.  Other than the ever-so-popular,, SCU offers a tool called CourseEvals in order to check the ratings on classes and professors in the past. I won’t lie we all want to get the “easiest” professor or the class with the “least” work.  And the resource that CourseEval provides you with makes the class selection process very easy.




However, things don’t always go the way that we want them to. As a college freshman, we are given very late class registration times because of seniority. Thus, often times, even when we did our class research ahead of time, the spots in the class with the good professor always get taken. There will be many times when we think that we have our future all mapped out, because we have a certain schedule in mind for the next quarter. And then there are times last minute, literally ten minutes before your registration time that the last few spots on that one class that you really wanted just disappeared.


Many of us all want that easy A in that class that doesn’t even require much work. A class with reviews of writing six twelve-page papers? No. Who wants that? Probably only the insane. Us, on the other hand, want to have a good balance between school work and our own personal social lives. Thus, we tend to choose the classes that require the least work and the nice professor who is somewhat accommodating.


Honestly, we shouldn’t sweat that much about not getting our first-choice classes. There are always backup plans. Think of it this way, when you’re planning your schedule for the next quarter, find some classes that you would replace some of your classes with if it comes down to it. This way, you actually have some backup plans and you won’t be freaking out last minute trying to search for what you should take. Have the specific course numbers written down. When your registration time is here and it says that one of the classes that you had just tried signing up for is full? Plug in the course number of your backup class. There’s absolutely nothing to sweat about.


Pro tip: If there is a class that you really want to take and it is full, join the waitlist!  If there is not already a waitlist button on the registration page available, try emailing the professor and/or the department administrator to see whether there is a way to get a permission number to join the class or join the waitlist.  If you’re unsure, show up to the first class and see whether the professor will let you join the class and show that you’re interested in joining their class.


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