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More Tips on Class Registration

July 24, 2018

To be honest, choosing courses at SCU is competitive. Many classes get full right away after the registration window is open, especially the popular classes. Freshmen select classes at orientation in the summer for the fall quarter. The class registration window for the winter quarter is open during the 6th - 7th week of the fall quarter, and so on for the spring quarter. Seniors have the priority to choose classes, then following with juniors, sophomores, and freshmen. Students in the Honors program and the LEAD program have advantage to choose courses early as well. In addition, the maximum unit each student can take during one quarter is 19 units. Any units after 19 is considered overloading and there are some requirements you must meet to be able to do this.


It is necessary to plan your courses out ahead. There are many on-campus resources that can help with your course planning, including Drahmann Center, your academic advisor, peer advisor, etc. You are encouraged to complete a 4 year plan, which outlines the classes you will take each quarter. This helps keep you on track for graduation. You can also look at the Core Curriculum Guide and Undergraduate Bulletin to get some ideas of what classes to take. Here’s a tip, choosing those double dipping courses (courses that fulfill both university core and your school core) to take can save you some time.


Before your registration appointment, you should go on CourseAvail to find more specific information about all courses, and you can use it to plan out a potential schedule for your upcoming quarter. Course Evaluation is another useful website which you can find evaluations about professors teaching at SCU. This information can help you make decisions during course selection.




While course selection can seem stressful, especially as you get closer to graduation, it is nothing you should worry about. While you may not have got all your first choice classes you could end up in a class you unexpectedly love. In the end, you will get into the classes you need and you will fulfill your requirements in time for graduation, the Drahmann Center and your advisor will make sure of it.


Hope the information above can give you a sense on the course selection process at SCU.


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